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Chances Hulk And Banner Get Separated In Avengers Infinity War – TJCS Companion Video

On this special companion video, John take the viewer questions from his live shows the last day or 2 that he didn’t have time to get to live. John takes the following questions:

Edgar Navarro
Sorry in advance for not watching tomorrows show since I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday. I’ll have no cell reception out in Eisenhower State Park!

What advice do you have for writing a first script

Hi John good afternoon. I was 5 when SW came out & 1st saw it at a RKO Drive In & next night at a RKO theater. Our local 1-screen theater got it 7 months later & stayed for 6 Mo’s! $1.25 at night &.99 during the days!

Fantastic beast trailer dropping tomorrow. We’re yoh a fan of the first one?

Jeremiah J
just wanted to let you know you never cease to continue to bring on the filthy every episode

Really hope MCU get SpidrM back to basics after IW

what’s better. Jessica Jones season 2 or Iron fist?

Any info on edge o tomorrow 2 Enjoy the first one

Bomb Squad
After the success of Philipe the sentient dancing microphone, would you like to see John Campea direct a Star Wars movie?

Bomb Squad
Do you think we will see Cap and Tony side-by-side in Infinity War? Or wait until Avengers 4 for that. #TeamDarrel

Ethan Hunt
Hey John, can a s2 of iron fist with good writing save the series or has the damage been done, thanks

Mr. Film
Why do tv shows use different directors?

Given the amount humor in Deadpool 1, could Deadpool 2 suffer from the same problems that comedy sequels suffer from?

What’s the most recent movie in your top 10 list?

Bomb Squad
AMC leaked that Infinity War tickets come out Friday, do you think it’ll break Fandngo similar to Star Wars, will you buy yours Friday?

Anuj Vignesh
Hey John, big fan from India. Which combo do you think boasts a better body of work, Scorsese-Di Caprio or Scorsese-De Niro?

Alan Gonzalez
Thoughts on movie Wonder, i just saw it and i was amazed with it.

Bomb Squad
Director said that New Mutants was always PG-13

Micah T
over under 10% banner and hulk get separated somehow and become two different characters during infinity war

Phil Lee
if Antman dies, what does that do to his box off?

Phil Lee
Do you think the Rock needs a catchphrase like arnolds “I’ll be back”?

Ben Rainer
I hope Deadpool makes a joke about a Purple Cable

Phil Lee

John did you hear Greg Silverman Interview?

Matthew Mendez
Do you believe the future of the MCU will have more team ups with multiple a list characters, such as CW Spider-Man HC(iron man) Thor Rag (hulk) etc.

Esther Cuenca
What wld IW have to clear at WW BO 2b a super hit?

Taurean Davis
What happened to RDJ & the Sherlock Holmes movies?

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