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Dodge Ram Cummins explores the Golden Gate [4K]

Filming something other than a car thats less then 3 inches from the ground was nice… I love the change of pace and hope this …


  1. To all the people saying the truck is not their type, trust me, I had the same thought, but after a few views I realize it's an acquired taste. Shit look cool af now.

  2. It's so cool to see the opposite end of the spectrum, I only film lifted trucks and want to branch out to cars 3 inches or less from the ground! Definitely my favorite auto videographer to watch on YouTube bro. keep up the amazing work!

  3. It’d be cool and different to see you do vid for a custom slammed Peterbilt! I’ve grown to appreciate big rigs, as those guys have a ton of money into those builds and put em to work in their everyday lifestyle. Just an idea – love your work man!

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