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Mashimarho G82 M4 [4K]

Find all These BMW parts and more at! This was another run of breaking in the new camera.. certainly some …


  1. Thanks for all the love and positive feedback on the video!!

    Sean is a long time amazing friend, we’ve shot together for years. A couple years ago he decided to quit his full time job to start his own bmw shop. I’m pretty sure every aftermarket part on this car can be purchased through his site and parts for plenty of other BMW models, primarily the E9X platform.

    He’s not asking me to plug him or anything, but I’m personally asking you to support his shop if you’re in the market for some parts!!

    P.s. this M4 is also for sale currently.
    Email for inquires

  2. 0:54 In love with these wheels. The whole color combo of the car. So, the new G80 M3 has grown on me. I actually do like them now. However the M4, I still find ugly af lol. Especially the rear. But somehow this owner managed to make this car look good. 😳 Amazing BBS wheels, the silver wheel color, clean fitment, the front splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler .. the white cage is a nice touch. And the fact he driving this in manual too, yea this owner is a beast. I like this guy. 😈 Nice shots too. Great video. 😎

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