Scuba Diver 4K [UltraHD] Underwater – Breathtaking Dive Into Ocean & Under Deep Sea – Free Diver HD

FreeDiver #DeepSea #Underwater #Scubadivers #Padi Experience the Underwater World Through the Eyes of a Free Diver …


  1. Hi, I've been following your channel for a long time and everything in your videos has always been spectacular. The sessions are great, the quality is fantastic… this channel is absolutely brilliant and you helped me a lot with the majority of my curiosities about scuba diving, thank you so much, I appreciate everything you do on Youtube, good job! Anyway, I would like to make a suggestion (if it's not a problem for you): I'm convinced that you can add a really funny video on your channel to show us some of the funniest things happened while scuba diving, swimming or even during other water activities, I was thinking of something like a "oops and bloopers" compilation. For example, you could gather all of the times where you or your diver friends get recorded on video during ops time… like a pee time! Once, my uncle, who is a scuba diver too, wrote “I’m peeing right now 😊” on a waterproof notebook while we were diving and it was soooo hilarious and funny that I almost died. He always tells me there are 2 types of swimmers, divers and surfers: those who pee in the water and those who lie. If you want, you could also include those "releasing" moments as small clips in the future videos just to keep having a bit of humor on your channel, you can use both old and new clips, what do you think?

    Yeah… I know, it could sound weird for your right now, but, in my opinion, it's the funniest thing about divers and swimmers, believe me. When a diver pees in the water, I think they demonstrate to be someone who is not afraid of consequences or to be judged and they just enjoy the moment, no matter what happens. And if you can't tell when someone else does it, well, you could ask them to do a particular sign before they do it, I think it's something that can come out great! I'd be so so happy to watch it, let me know, have a wonderful day!

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