Thailand in 8K HDR 60FPS DEMO ULTRA HD

Thailand in 8K HDR 60FPS DEMO ULTRA HD High-Quality Thailand in 8K HDR 60FPS DEMO ULTRA HD from the World Video …


  1. For example, in the spring, all the trees are garbed in clothes as fine as silk, just like the houris in Paradise; they are encrusted with flowers and fruits, as if with jewels, and caused to offer us numerous varieties of the choicest fruits, on branches delicately outstretched like the hands of a servant. Similarly, we are given wholesome and sweet honey to eat, from the hand of the bee with its sting; we are clothed in the finest and softest of clothes by means of an insect that has no hands; and within a small seed a great treasure of mercy is preserved for us. It is self-evident that all of this is the effect of a most beauteous generosity, a most delicate sense of mercy.
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