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WhistlinDiesel beats on 700WHP R32 GTR | Amazing RB26 sounds [4K]

His goal was to create 6 neutrals.. Enjoy all the RAW sounds along the way! Thank you Cody for trusting me with filming this …


  1. Before you comment “oh poor GTR”..
    Just remember there’s thousands and thousands of these cars out there.. plenty are being restored, babied, daily driven, never driven etc.. there will be plenty of R32’s still alive in the world..

    You’re telling me as a car guy, you don’t wanna see how far a 700WHP RB26 can be pushed? Will you ever see a car be tested and pushed like this anywhere else?

    While I was filming this I felt bad for the car for a little bit too.. then I realized he’s doing something literally no one else will.. imagine 50 years from now when all gas cars are illegal and can’t even drive on the road anymore.. you’re gonna wish you would have seen all cars tested like this before they’re unusable on public roads and truly have to sit and collect dust.

    I’m as much of a car guy as the next guy, JDM cars even being my preferred cup of tea.. I think that’s why I enjoyed watching and listening to the beautiful car be put through its paces..

    I understand if it still brings you pain.. just hoping to offer another point of view 🤪

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